World Renowned Owner/Biologist
Tom Goodwin

One of the most experienced/qualified whale guides in the world!
(40+ seasons whale guiding)

Tom and Whale
Tour director, biologist Tom Goodwin, has overall training and experience in the fields of marine and wildlife biology and graduate studies in environmental education. Tom began his career as a whale-guide in Newfoundland in 1980, where he spent five seasons. He was also involved in studying whales and releasing them from fishing nets in which they were accidentally entrapped, risking his life underwater many times. Captain Goodwin has successfully completed a captain's course and safety training exceeding the requirements of his business. He also contributes to travel guides and national television and radio.
Tom and new boat

Tom has been fascinated by the sea since a young boy. He was a founding year (1975) member of the Cousteau Society and has worked with the Calypso crew. He was also a charter member (1983) of the Society for Marine Mammalogy, and has been supporting the World Wildlife Fund for over 35 years. Tom served all executive positions of the former Nova Scotia Adventure Tourism Association.

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Tom and his Honda Insight ("Ultra Low Emmission Vehicle").

Slogan on car reads:
It's not ENOUGH to KNOW, you have to DO to make a DIFFERENCE! 

Today Tom owns a Toyota Prius Hybrid. Wife, Penny, owns a Hyundai Ioniq. They will get a fully electric when their SOLAR PASSIVE - 'net zero' house is completed with solar panels and car charger.

Tom and Jacques Cousteau

Tom with Jacques Cousteau 1982

Tom's ready

Tom started early!


Tom on Calypso 1980

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