Ocean Explorations (‘Zodiac’) Whale Cruises has closed 2022 - for season, or for good?

It is with heavy heart we make this decision. Not the exit of my awesome 40 year career that I had expected. In fact, I had a sale in the works as covid landed in North America, winter 2020 that was going to be my grand finale season! * (for more info/story see below)

For GREAT service, I recommend my colleague and friend

Penny Graham @ Mariner Cruises


*It was a difficult two years, cut off from my biggest source(s) of clients (outside the Maritimes) for most of it. I kept the business going hoping to (still) exit with an optimistic future for the business, expecting to be involved in a transition season. Unfortunately I had some health issues this winter resulting in two surgeries. My stamina still isn’t what it used to be (or is it because I’m mid 60s now?, LOL.) ‘Glass half full’ - I’m lucky/happy it wasn’t so bad for me (only a lot of extra work and stress, for less reward), fortunately - not so much ‘work’ for me, just ‘what I do’. Others have had it worse, some in service businesses losing everything and/or struggling to get staff back that have gone to other industries.

Now, (with a ‘recovery’ underway) prospective buyers of the business aren’t able to get a new liability insurance policy for the ‘zodiac’ adventures. Even seasoned operators running a regular tour boat already. The insurance industry is changing a lot right now.

I have had some great staff and loyal repeat customers that have become ‘friends’. I will miss the interaction(s) with smarter than average, top tier customers. Being ‘the best’, attracted ‘the best’ (customers). I will miss you and I thank you.

We are in our new oceanfront Passive solar NET ZERO house further up the bay in Port George! Whales only sporadically, but seals are common here! We continue to push towards more ‘sustainable’ living, cutting back our ‘carbon footprint’ and supporting environmental - conservation causes.

Environmentally yours,

Tom Goodwin